Relay For Life in Kenya

Relay For Life in Kenya offers everyone the opportunity to participate in the fight against cancer. It represents the HOPE that all of those lost to cancer will never be forgotten; that those who are fighting cancer will be supported and that one day cancer will be eliminated. From the very young to the old, each team can raise funds before and during the Relay and these funds are dedicated to funding the Kenya Cancer Association.

Relay For Life in South Africa

Relay For Life has taken South Africa by storm and in the past year 57 communities participated in Relay For Life events across South Africa. This year over 100 communities will participate in this amazing overnight event.

Relay For Life in Zambia

The Zambian Cancer Society is working hard to ensure that no cancer patient goes through the cancer journey alone. Relay For Life in Zambia brings communities together to celebrate cancer survivors (including virtual survivors) and caregivers who are helping cancer patients each and every day. Learn more about the Zambian Cancer Society by clicking the link above.

Global Relay For Life countries on this page:

  • Kenya
  • South Africa
  • Zambia

Want to connect with a Relay For Life event in Africa?

 Before you post, be sure to select the appropriate country from the navigation bar on the right-hand side of your screen below. Create a new post, and be sure to include the date of your event MM/DD/YYYY as the title of your post and include the following information:

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What happens then?

Once you choose your twin, you are free to contact them directly, using the information they provided. This program is meant to be volunteer to volunteer - local event to local event.

What you make of your relationship is up to you! You can share stories, share successes, send motivating messages back and forth, get your local media involved, share event t-shirts, and more! The sky is the limit. Be sure to come back here and share your story on our Global Relay For Life Track Blog.

Global Relay For Life Sister Relay Guidelines - 

  1. A Sister Relay relationship should only be entered into if both parties are willing to communicate regularly and timely.
  2. This site is a self-service site and therefore any connections are done at-will. 
  3. Any contact information on this site should only be used for Sister Relay purposes. Please do not use it for supply requests, general inquiries, or other questions. You can contact for those requests.
  4. To be fair to all Relay events, we ask that each event only make one Sister Relay connection. Please do not attempt to pair with multiple events.
  5. Each sister Relay connection may be different - some may involve mutual coaching, Skype connections to meetings or events, or even sharing Luminaria or t-shirts. Please do what feels comfortable, right, and appropriate for your connection.