One Idea Changed Everything

An idea to fight back against cancer started 30 years ago with one man's vision to help honor and support cancer patients. Dr. Gordy Klatt, a colorectal surgeon and American Cancer Society volunteer, began shaping an idea that turned into a global phenomenon, a movement which unites communities to take action, now known as the Relay For Life program. As the event grew, Dr. Klatt continued volunteering with the American Cancer Society, counseling patients, walking with teams around the globe, and helping the Relay For Life movement because the largest and most successful community fundraising activity in the world.

Recently, we said good-bye to Dr. Klatt. He left us with an opportunity to continue his mission: raise money to find cures and support cancer patients who need us. During his first 24-hour journey in Tacoma, Washington, USA, he was joined by friends and family who helped him raise $27,000 USD. Today, the Relay For Life program raises more than $380 million USD annually with the help of four million participants in 5,000 communities across 20 countries.

We now have the opportunity to continue Dr. Klatt's work and honor his legacy by uniting together at Relay For Life events. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your commitment, and your passion to finish the fight against cancer and help save more lives from this disease.



Steve Zamzow
National Vice President, Relay For Life
American Cancer Society

As quoted from the 2013 Global Relay For Life Year in Review.