Even a small country can make a big difference

Across every category, 2015 was the biggest and best year for Relay in Denmark. We have never had as much support as we did this year. The entire 55,698 participated in the Relay For Life. It is 1% of the entire Danish population. All these people helped us raise 40.5% more than in 2014!


We have the world's largest outdoor Relay with more than 7,500 participants, but also a city with 600 inhabitants, but their Relay participated this year three times as many.


But we do not stop here. We have set some goals. In 2020 we will be 100,000 participants in 100 Relay events. In 2015 was held 48 Relay events in Denmark, and we are planning 10 to 12 new events every year, so we are well on track. We are now seeing that communities even contacts The Danish Cancer Society in order to start a Relay in their city.


We are a small country where many families and friends have heard the words “you have cancer.” After 10 years of Relay For Life, many Danes now have been touched by the unforgettable experience, and they have taken it to heart. We spend 24 hours to celebrate life, to make a difference in a strong community, where we show we are united in a common fight against cancer. Where friendships are made and strong bonds are made tronger through hope.


We also believe that all who have heard the words " you have cancer " must have the opportunity to participate in a Relay in their town. We have many Relay events, some even just a few kilometers away from one another, but each city has many participants. That means it's entire cities which stand together during the entire 24 hours.


But why do we see so much support here in Denmark ?


It's basically about raising money for cancer treatment, but we mention it almost never. Instead, we use the time together to talk much more about showing support for cancer patients and entire communities that are affected by cancer. They should never get the feeling to stand alone, and Relay For Life is our opportunity to show them that we stand with them. One of our values s compassion. But this means that cancer has no boundaries in terms of religion, color, nationality. It affects everyone and everyone is welcome at any Relay For Life event. A cancer patient must never be left alone and we do everything we can to make sure they understand that.


In Denmark, our Relay events embody humanity, respect and commitment to such a degree that once someone has participated in Relay For Life, they want to kepe coming back. More than 90 % of those who participated returns, and no Relay For Life events have been stopped in the past 7 years. This gives us an indication that we are doing the right thing, and we continue to innovate and grow each year!


All are welcome to visit a Relay in Denmark and you will understand why we have so much support in our small country!