Levensloop Lommel

Hello Relayers,

Earlier this year, we, the organizing committee of Levensloop Lommel, received the 2014 Global Spirit of Relay Event Award, from the American Cancer Society, which of course we are very proud of. This recognition has motivated us even more to go on in 2015 as well. This year it was also a very successful event where we look back with a lot of pride. We got to welcome more fighters (survivors), more teams, more participants and more visitors. It was also very obvious how much youth was present at our latest edition. Almost all the schools and youth clubs from Lommel and surroundings participated. This means that the message of Relay For Life also reached them and we are very happy with that.

Relay For Life has become a “concept” in Lommel where people got the feeling “we have to be there” because we get the opportunity there to mean something in the fight against cancer. Through Relay For Life we finally get the feeling we are not helpless. We can finally let our friends, family members, colleagues,… who are fighters, know that “they are not alone”.

In Lommel and surroundings the feeling lives that we can make a difference through Relay For Life!

Of course fundraising at our event is an important goal, but we think it’s more important to find the right atmosphere and the right feeling within the people.

The three ceremonies each have their own meaning, but the luminaria ceremony is the highlight to make sure we have the right atmosphere and the right feeling. We are very happy we got to welcome so many visitors at this ceremony. People specifically came to experience that intense feeling of solidarity together with our fighters. The silent lap is also a very modest moment for a lot of people where a mix of emotions arise: sadness for the people who lost the fight, but also the feeling of “we have to keep going because we can win this fight”.

This Relay weekend is one of the highlights of the year for our fighters.
The support they can find with fellow sufferers means incredibly lot for them.
Out of solidarity they can draw a lot of courage to continue their difficult fight.

As a closure, can I please thank all the people, anywhere in the world, for every contribution they give to Relay For Life. Together we can truly make a difference!


Rudi Colson

Chairman Levenloop Lommel Belgium.