Greetings from Belgium!

Hello Relayers around the World!

My name is Peter Deltour and I am a Relay For Life volunteer from Belgium! Even in our small Belgian country we organize Relays in cooperation with Stichting Tegen Kanker. (Belgian Cancer Foundation). In some cities they’re starting their 5th edition and in other cities they started organizing their first edition. This year we’re going for 24 Relays. The purpose is to grow each year and our ambition is to have 50 Relays in Belgium as soon as possible in a healthy way.

Relay For Life, an organization of volunteers, in cooperation with Stichting Tegen Kanker, is one big family.

Because Belgium is such a small country, 30.528 km² and only 11 million residents, we can share the knowledge, experience and the great feeling we have organizing a Relay with other Relays.

The organizing committees love sharing their experiences and knowledge with others, and with success! Do you also experience this? Once your bitten with the Relay bug, it’s hard to let go off.

Isn’t this a great feeling? To make an effort to beat this terrible disease?

We, Belgians, will definitely contribute in the achievement of this mission.

In the next couple of months I will be posting experiences from people who’ve been organizing Relays, but also from Fighters and other fun stories. You just got to love the technology these days! Where’s the time we used carrier pigeons, letters and fax machines? This way, we’re communicating all over the world!

This just proves that everything progresses and what does this mean? That one day we will beat this disease!

Relay on!