Heroes in Heaven

Across the globe, we have 159 Heroes of Hope who represent their cancer organizations and are actively involved in anti-cancer activities as a symbol of HOPE and lighting the way of a cancer journey of everyone who has been touched by cancer, however, some of them, sadly from the heaven.

At the end of 2014, 31 new Heroes joined for the year 2015 and one of them was Junette Harris who is no longer with us. Junette from New South Wales, Australia, was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer 5 years ago. The helpline and the information that the Cancer Council New South Wales offers were big help whilst walking through her cancer journey and she found Relay For Life as a great opportunity to give back to the society, which made her come back every year since the inception of her home Relay, attend every single committee meeting and give hope to all survivors and caregivers. Someone like Junette truly deserves to be a Hero, however, not long after the announcement that she had been chosen as a new Hero of Hope, Junette left this world. She is and will always be missed but this is not going to change the fact that she is a Hero. The impact that she made with all the hard work she has done, and the people that she saved with the light of HOPE she shed, will keep making the difference and keep saving lives, which means her spirit will live forever. Junette will always be our Hero of Hope.

Yoko Gohshu
Relay For Life Volunteer
Japan Cancer Society

Contributors: Thelma Suson, Sarah Flynn, Kate Searle