The Start of a Success - Growing a Team in Denmark

Henrik Michaelsen sat down with a Relay For Life team captain in Denmark who started her team, “TEAM M,” last year.  It was not easy to get team members in the start, but after some while it suddenly went fast, and before we knew it we stood with a very big team.


Can you tell something about why you chose to start a team for the Relays For Life event:

My father passed away in December 2013 by cancer and some month after one of my colleague asked me to start a team with her. I saw it as an opportunity to work through the loss of my father and in the same time to get money for a good cause


How did you get participants to sign up?

This I did through my network at work, via family and friends. We did not have any restrictions, therefore presented itself also participants on my team, I did not know personally.


How was the your planning of the event?

We found sponsors who gave tent, t-shirts, food and drinks. On the way we organized all the convenience we should have mastered. We created a facebook page only to the team and the way we got an easy, fast and effective communications with all the participants. It turned out not to be a problem to occupied all 24 hours. In the end we were 65 participants and there were many who wanted to take their turn at night.  



Do you expect to start team up again in 2015?

Definitely. I have 2 girls – 1 of 6 and 1 of 11 years - they talk a lot about the event and looking very much forward for the summer holidays, which this year goes to Disneyland in Paris. We plan to be 100 participants this year and many of the participants from last year have already signed up again. We meet really a very strong support for this event from anywhere.