Supporting European Relay For Life

Matt Lewis, Regional Director, Relay For Life - Europe

Relay For Life is about a community taking up the fight and, today, that community has expanded to include more than 25 countries around the world. To support that expansion, we’re excited to have Matt Lewis join the team to support European Relay For Life partners from his home in Dublin, Ireland.

With a degree in Sports, Science and Physiology, Matt worked for some years as a volunteer in several different countries. His great desire for volunteer work and educational background has led Matt from UK to countries such as Malta, Fiji, Australia and China, where he has worked as a manager and responsible for the implementation of volunteering.

In January 2012, Matt returned back to Ireland and started working as a Community Fundraiser at the Irish Cancer Society. In June 2014 he took up the post as Relay For Life Manager in Ireland.

From South Africa to Malaysia, we’ve seen the incredible things that Relay For Life can do for a country. “We want to support more countries to take up Relay For Life, and provide them with the support to thrive. My area has therefore become Europe and the Middle East" says Matt . We need many new volunteers and more training for staff and volunteers alike. In his role, Matt will develop and facilitate trainings and bridge relationships between countries in Europe and the Middle East.

There are many tasks ahead of the new director and it will be hard to prioritize them, but one of the largest and perhaps most difficult will be enough to find a global corporate partner that can and will go in and support the countries in Europe. " It is a great desire to find a company that can see an advantage in supporting Relay For Life, but also like to see a convergence between our values nd its own " says Matt Lewis.

If we look back 10 years, Relay For Life was not so well known in Europe, but this has changed a lot in recent years. Here there are many new countries but also many new Relay For Life events locally. “I think we within the next 5 years, will find at least one major global partner to help us achieve great progress in the countries which executes Relay For Life,” Matt says.